Nail Technician

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Nail Extension Technicians are required to carry the skills of nails enhancement services using UV gel, acrylic and poly-gel. Increase beauty of the hands and feet by the art of nail decoration.


  • Nail Extension Acrylic (forms or tips) 
  • Nail Extension UV gel (forms or tips) 
  • Nail Extension poly-gel (forms or tips) 
  • Dipping System
  • Refill Nail Extension
  • Removal Nail Extension 
  • Nail Extension services such as:
  • Acrylic, UV gel, poly-gel – Classic
  • Acrylic, UV gel, poly-gel – Ombre
  • Acrylic, UV gel, poly-gel – French
  • Acrylic, UV gel, poly-gel – Aquarium
  • Nail design and art such as:
  • 3D nail art 
  • Floral Nail art
  • Stroke Painting
  • Chrome (metallic & mirror effect)
  • Nail Crust Designs
  • Nail Stone Crystal Art Designs
  • Nail Care & treatments
  • False Plastic Nail Extension service
  • Hand & Feet Spa services 
  • Hand & Feet Paraffin 
  • Providing quality hand and foot massages.

Other Responsibilities of the therapist

  • Working at Afrina requires following the Rules & regulations and health & safety standards.  
  • Cooperate with colleagues by establishing team work and follow instruction from the line manager accordingly.
  • Punctuality and attendance.
  • Flexible to work for extended hours when required.
  • Working in a beauty and spa industry mandates the  Nail Extension Technicians to stay on top of her/his own beauty and wellness. Working at Afrina requires following the standards of health, hygiene and grooming. 
  • Stays up-to-date on, knowledge or trend of Nail Extension procedures, design, nail treatments / health and aftercare.
  • Participate in trainings and continuously practice in the free times.
  • Time management, knowing how long will take to complete the services required.
  • Working quickly and accurately in time-pressured conditions.
  • Ability to multi task and willing to learn additional skills.
  • Greet and welcome guests by name, to make them feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Communicate well and through consultation clarify/confirm the previous history and required service with customer. Ensure and check any signs of nail or skin problems before the service by using the consultation form.
  • Evaluating a customer’s nail and skin condition and offering recommendations for treatments.
  • Must be able to engage clients with exemplarily customer service; appropriately recommend and discuss nail treatments, skin care products and services available.
  • At all times up-sell other services and beauty products, when appropriate.
  • Perform the service as required by the standard process of Afrina.
  • Inform and order materials and equipment from inventory room punctually.
  • Ensure and maintain clean work station. 
  • Prepare proper equipment and materials, etc. 
  • Ensure using sterilized, packed tools, disposable kits and etc.
  • Participate in daily mangers meeting.

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