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Afrina Smooth Hair

Afrina Beauty

Our expert stylists are professionally trained and licensed to offer a wide range of Face Care Services for Vancouverites. Makeup, eyelash, facial, eyebrows services and many more – we do it all!

1000 300 CAD


Be Elegant Gel

Afrina Beauty

Our makeup and styling experts work their magic with brushes and make you look your absolute best. They are continuously updated with the newest trends in the world of beauty services and help you doll up for all sorts of events.

Afrina Hair to Love

Afrina Beauty

We specialize in face wax procedures, and our expert therapists can determine the perfect way to remove unwanted hair from your skin.
Besides, we use organic and natural products like aloe vera and avocado, herbs, Argan oil and essential oils that do not affect or damage your skin during or after treatment.

Afrina New Look

Afrina Beauty

Skin surfaces vary from person to person. Our expert professionals understand different skin types and use appropriate products that don’t cause irritation at all.

We also offer face threading, eyelash extension, facial, face mask, permanent makeup, and other styling services.

If you want the right face care and pampering for yourself, get in touch with Afrina Beauty, and our place will gladly serve you.

Come in and experience what we have to offer – your skin will thank you!