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Afrina Beauty Club, Spa and Health is a full service beauty center, relaxing and  joyful Spa and an alternative health/ detox clinic, all gathered under the same  roof. For over 30 years we have been offering the latest and highest quality services by  rendering excellent service, quality products and furnishing an enjoyable  atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. 

We opened our first center in the UAE and we have expanded into nine centers  located in Sharjah, Dubai & Abu Dhabi. 

The creative eye behind Afrina is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and  the founder of Afrina Group, Mrs. Farah Moulana. 

Mrs. Farah Moulana has stood behind the business since day one and  contributed to the growth of the Group. Afrina Group has six different legal  entities, which consist of Afrina Sweets, Afrina Beauty & Henna Center, Afrina  Beauty Club (VIP Centere) Afrina Beauty Home Services, Afrina Academy,  Afmetic “Afrina Cosmetics” and Afrina Trading LLC. 

At Afrina we specialize in Beauty, Spa and alternative health Services from A  to Z such as; all the services of Hair Care, Nail Care, Face Care, Body care such as  Hamam Spa; and we use alternative health methods to detoxify the  body such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared sauna, Microcurrent Therapy,  Shiatsu Massage and many more.

At our clinic we have experienced Naturopathic Doctors and Holistic Nutritionists on board to guide our clients  into the path of inner beauty as we believe that beauty is the reflection of  inner health.

Hygiene is our top priority at Afrina and our client’s safety is the most  important factor in our business. We carefully sanitize our tools and  equipment with latest, most effective techniques, use disposables where  necessary and are proud of our care and carefulness on well-being of our team  as well as our guests.  

All of our stylists, technicians and therapists are well-trained with years of  experience in their field. Our team is excessively and regularly trained with the latest techniques to update their skills according to global trends.  

Afrina has its own makeup brand, skin care and nail care gathered and created by Mrs. Farah herself through her years of experience in the world of beauty. This brand is called Afmetic: Afrina Cosmetic which is used in our centers to conduct the services. 

At Afrina Academy we have all the courses of beauty and spa, where our  employees are constantly trained. Afrina Academy will be opening the Vancouver branch in the coming years. Meanwhile we accept interested students to explore and learn either online or in person at our Academy in  Dubai, UAE. At the end of the training, they will receive attested certificates by the  Ministry of Education in  UAE. 

Afrina Family has created a warm and welcoming environment for its guests to relax and  flourish a good sense of positive energy. Afrina guests are  pampered well and we aim to make them feel at home. 

At Afrina Home Services we bring our services to our client’s doorstep with the  highest hygiene standards. This service will be established soon in Vancouver  too.


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