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With over 40 years of experience offering a range of beauty and wellness services in Dubai & UAE as well as putting significant time and resources into research and development, we understand what it takes to create value for our customers.

At Afrina, You can relax in the knowledge that your skin, body, and mind are in the hands of experts who know precisely what they are doing.

We provide you with an elegant space to explore your beauty and wellness goals. We are always ahead of the curve in delivering first-rate beauty and wellness services

Why our Clients Choose Us

We hear you. Our stylists & therapists adhere to the highest levels of professionalism to provide our clients with a world-class experience..

We Believe In Quality Services to Our Clients (Afrina approach)

We are always ahead of the curve in delivering first-rate beauty and wellness services

Having been in the industry for a long time, we have a broad range of products and services that match our clients’ tastes. We are constantly updated on the latest trends and don’t hesitate to introduce the latest technology to our services!

At Afrina Beauty Club, Spa & wellness, we believe a satisfied customer is a happy customer. We have the best stylists and therapists in the industry, all of whom are committed to providing the most innovative services


We Believe In A Beautiful & Healthy You

Afrina Beauty Salon and Spa cares about your beauty and wellbeing

Our team of beauty specialists is ready to help you prepare for your special occasion by giving you that dashing look that will draw envious glances everywhere you go.

Our spa manicures and pedicures will give your hands and legs the attention they need to leave you feeling on top of the world.

Our products have natural extracts, minerals, and magnificent colours that give you a stunning look. Enjoy our spa massages that include carefully chosen essential oils that will give your body, face, and scalp the relaxation you need to increase blood circulation, among a multitude of other health benefits.

We Believe In an Intimate and Luxurious Environment

We help you relax the mind and soothe your senses in a world-class environment befitting your high-quality standards

We provide you with an elegant space to explore your beauty and wellness goals. Our understated soft luxury and sensual beauty will resonate with your desire for world-class facilities to get your beauty fix! You will have a serene environment to relax in as our beauty and spa professionals work to help you achieve optimal health and beauty.

We Believe In our people

It’s Afrina’s philosophy that requires our specialist to remain fully up to date through our learning portal & Afrina Academy

Our salon and spa are the embodiment of service and value. Not only are our licensed beauty and health specialists highly skilled and experienced, but they also love what they do.

This is evident in how loyal they are to all our clients. Our highly trained team is also passionate about providing the best services.

They care about leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated every time you visit our breathtaking facilities. They treat you with respect and individuality. !


We Believe the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, quality & performance

We don’t keep you waiting, you are not shoved from one stylist to the other, and you will never see an inch of dirty, unhygienic floors or rooms.

We provide the safest possible environment for you to enjoy our services in terms of safety. Any equipment and surfaces that come into contact with your skin are carefully and thoroughly disinfected.

Our linens are also systematically sanitized to ensure they comply with the highest hygiene and safety standards. We also strive to use single-use tools. Your health, comfort, and safety come first. .

We believe in Giving Back

Community Care

We want to live in a world where those around us feel safe, happy, and supported. Every time you use one of our services, a portion of your payment goes to local charities!

Mission Statement

Afrina Beauty Club, Spa & Wellness

Our mission at Afrina Beauty Club, Spa & Wellness is to provide our clients with friendly, quality, individualized, and affordable services through a team of highly trained and experienced professionals. Our clients’ satisfaction is always our priority, and we strive to provide them with services that exceed their expectations.

We are firm believers in self-improvement and continue sharpening our skills and knowledge to provide you with exceptional services that will help you feel exactly how you want.

We derive pleasure from serving and satisfying our customers’ health and beauty needs. Every one of our staff is passionate about their work, and we use this passion to drive us to higher levels of excellence.


Vision Statement

Afrina Beauty Club, Spa & Wellness

Our vision is to create a group of Afrina Beauty, Spa & Wellness enthusiasts by providing outstanding services in a world-class environment

We want to be a holistic center that combines luxury, comfort, and hospitality. We aim to consistently give the best possible experience for our clients through:

  • Using the latest technology, methods, and equipment
  • Constantly evolving as individuals and utilizing new information
  • Never settle for anything less than excellence
  • Motivating every member of our staff to be the best version of themselves
  • Maintaining a healthy life and work balance for all our workers to keep them in the best frame of mind
  • Render great service that impacts the lives of our clients and staff within and outside our premises
  • Always putting our clients first. We will never recommend a service or product that you don’t need.

First-rate Beauty Services

Get a bliss for your body Today and feel fabulous from the inside out!

Face Care

Get Soft, Glowing Skin with Afrina!

Hair Care

Stay on Top of Your Style Game with Afrina!

Body Care

Body Care Services For a Healthy Skin!

Nail Care

Revitalizing Your Nail Health with Premier Nail Care Services!

Bridal Services for both Bride and Groom

Get that perfect bridal look you have always dreamed about!

Alternative Health Services

Improve your Health with top-notch health services

First-rate Medical Spa & Alternative Health Services

Get a bliss for your body Today and feel fabulous from the inside out!

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Enjoy exclusive discounts on featured services during your visit to Afrina Centre
Enjoy exclusive discounts on featured services during your visit to Afrina Centre
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